Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Term II Fall 2012 Class-Culminating Team Project

In the VESL class students learned about how start a business through a MiraCosta College Small Business Development Center presentation by Shannon Ilas, which was followed up with an entrepreneurship project. Working on teams to analyze local area demographics, students wrote business plans, gave their businesses names, created logos, came up with slogans, made business cards, and more. The project culminated in poster presentations made to students in the morning ESL classes. Business ideas were wide-ranging, from the “Magic Broom” housecleaning service, an elder care service, to “Pangea,” a multicultural cafĂ©/art gallery. In the end, “Chat Bar,” a lounge where patrons use tabletop iPads to meet and chat with other patrons, a concept based on bars in Spain where tabletop telephones are used to call anyone in a bar at another table.
Olga explains her team's winning business concept, "Chat Bar."
Marta displays her team's thoroughly-researched business proposal for a full-service salon, "Go-Go Gorgeous."

Monday, November 19, 2012

Winner of Best Virtual Model Project:  Midori!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Best Soft Skills Video Project

Mercedes, Ana, Lilia, and Jay made a hilarious video on soft skills, which was chosen by the class as the best project.  See the video (and the excellent acting and production skills, not to mention their fluent English!)


Hi!  I'm back teaching VESL again after taking on another class (Level 6 evening) for a couple of years and extra duties (NCESL Dept. Chair).  Last Spring I co-presented at the CATESOL Annual Conference at a special institute on "Technology in the Classroom," which was a joint effort of the Teaching English in the Workplace and Adult Level Interests Groups and was well received.  Talking about all the past projects of students in my VESL class in the past made me really excited to teach the class again.  I'm getting back into the hang of things with an excellent class!  The posts you will see above are from Fall Term II, 2012.  As usual, my plans were overly ambitious, especially for a term with so many holidays, but the posts are samples of some of the best VESL students in California!