Friday, December 12, 2008

Term 2, Fall 2008: Successful Job Interview Video Project

This term (October - December 2008), in the Vocational ESL class I teach with MCC instructor Ruth Gay students worked on a job interview dialog in pairs. They were recorded twice -- once at the beginning of the term and again approximately five weeks later. More information

The most improved team was ...

Suishan Tillman and Maira Luna!
Congratulations, ladies!

See the final taping:

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VESL @ MiraCosta College said...

Well done,ladies... and congratulations on winning Most Improved Team! To continue to improve your speaking skills, work on the following: 1) pronunciation of "i" in words like notice and this (/I/ not /i/), 2) th in this and that (put tongue a little more between your teeth :) and 3) pronouncing s as "sh" in insurance and appreciate. I appreciate your improvement! Good luck to you both.