Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Setsuko's Big Life Changes

I moved to California in April 2007 after having grown up in Japan my whole life. Since that time, some remarkable events and changes have occurred in my life, and I have had some life-changing experiences:
• I have lived in two different places: Rancho Penasquitos and now in San Clemente. I like both of them because California is convenient compared with other states.
• I haven’t worked here yet, although I had worked two jobs after finishing graduate school in Japan. I would like to work here once I receive my Green card. This is one of my big goals.
• My husband and I got married in May 2007 after being together about two and a half years in Japan. We are still enjoying our new marriage and God has given even more awesome times and things to us since then!
• I have learned my roles as a wife in the biblical marriage: submitting to my husband, letting him make decisions about everything, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and so on. I hadn’t done these things at all before getting married. Now I truly respect what my mother does for my father. She has done a great job, yet I am still in the learning process of my role.
• I have looked for a home church and have tried several internationally famous churches here. I traveled over one hour to go to these churches. I have finally found my home church recently and it is just five minutes away from my house!
• I have pretty much forgotten the German language I studied while I was in college in Japan, but my English has progressed since I communicate with native English speakers not only my husband but also other friends.
• I have made some friends, but not as many as I made in Japan yet. I hope in the future I can make more friends here than I made there.
• I have experienced my car breaking down on the highway when I was driving by myself!! I was panicked, but I calmed down at once and called my car insurance company for towing my car. I am becoming tough day by day.
• I haven’t hung clothes after washing as one of Japanese habits since I moved here. I don’t like to use a dryer for my clothes so I hang them inside my house in front of the window.
I conclusion, I have experienced some interesting times or events, and from these experiences I have learned that these trials were from God and He hasn’t allowed me to experience anything I couldn’t overcome. All these were for my good.

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