Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Shakila's Big Changes

My Experiences and Transformations:
When I Moved to California

When I moved to California I had not graduated from high school in my country, Afghanistan. Almost three years ago I started to come to school, and since that time, many events and changes have occurred in my life. Before I have started to resume my education I have had some life changing experiences:
· I have lived in two different places: San Francisco and now in Oceanside.
· I have not worked in any store and or companies, but I have taken care of my family .
· I have learned a little bit about the United States.
· I have learned a very importance thing: how to drive.
· I have had one girl and then I became a mother of second daughter.
· I have pretty much forgotten my second language, Pashto. Fortunately I have studied English and I have picked up a lot of English.
· I have made many friendly acquaintances but not a lot of life-long friends.
· I have traveled to Oregon and Washington, and I have also visited Canada.
· I have lived close to the Oceanside beach but have never swum at the beach.
· Finally, I have started to take more classes, and now I am on my way to getting my American high school diploma.

In conclusion, I have experienced some good and bad times, and from these experiences I have learned that life is short, so enjoy it and make yourself happy.

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