Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hector's Changes

My Experiences and Transformations
I moved to California four months ago, after having finish high school in Peru last year. Since that time, many events and changes have occurred in my life, and I have had some life-changing experiences:
· I have lived in Carlsbad for four months.
· I have learned the importance of putting family first.
· I have had to leave my 21 pets (20 cats and 1 dog) behind. I miss them because I love animals, but maybe I will get a pet here in the U.S.
· I have met friends from Brazil, India, China, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Iraq, Germany, Hong Kong and Kazakhstan.
· I have made many friendly acquaintances but not a lot of life-long friends.
· I have visited Disneyland.
· I have lived close to the Pacific Ocean, and I really like that because I like to swim

In conclusion, I have experienced some good experiences in this country and I hope I will have more.

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