Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hiren's Changes

My Experiences and Transformations
I moved to California four months ago, after finishing high school in India, almost two years ago. Since that time, many events and changes have occurred in my life, and I have had some life-changing experiences:
· I have lived in Carlsbad close to the beach and seen beautiful sunsets every day.
· I am single and have remained single and will stay single.
· I have spent time with my father and have gotten to know him better. I wasn’t able to do that in India because he has lived here in the US for 17 years. He moved here to work I was just a baby.
· I have met friends from different countries: Peru, Japan, Mexico, China, Thailand, Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany, Kazakhstan and Hong Kong, Venezuela.
· I have learned the importance of putting family first.
· I have visited to Los Angeles and San Diego.
· I have lived close to the Pacific Ocean but have only swum in the ocean one time.

In conclusion, I have experienced some good and bad things. In the future I will do good things and make my family happy.

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