Saturday, September 8, 2007

Instructor's Sample: My Experiences and Transformations

Kristi Reyes
Fall 2007

  • My Experiences
  • and
  • Transformations

  • I moved to California after finishing graduate school in Arizona almost 10 years ago. Since that time, many events and changes have occurred in my life, and I have had some life-changing experiences:

  • I have lived in three different places: Pacific Beach and Normal Heights in San Diego and now in Oceanside.
  • I have worked in several different jobs: in a store, at another college, and at other schools.
  • I have gotten married and have become a mother.
  • I have learned the importance of putting family first.
  • I have had four pets (three are still with me: a cat and two goldfish).
  • I have pretty much forgotten the French and Tongan languages I studied, but I have picked up some Spanish.
  • I have made many friendly acquaintances but not a lot of life-long friends.
  • I have met, known, and learned about people from every corner of the earth.
  • I have traveled to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento, and I have also visited Mexico.
  • I have lived close to the Pacific Ocean but have only swum in the ocean a couple of times.

    In conclusion, I have experienced some good and bad times, and from these experiences I have learned that life is short, so enjoy it and make yourself happy.

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